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Dear Medical Students, Applicants and Friends of CCU,

On behalf of the entire administration, we are pleased to welcome you to the prospectus of the Columbus Central University. We are very proud of our innovative medical educational facility, which joins the United States, European and International Community in the training of scientifically expert and clinically competent physicians who are also imbued with the best and most compassionate aspects of the ancient philosophical, spiritual and social traditions of American, European and international medicine.

The core values of Columbus Central University are integrity, teamwork, innovation, excellence, leadership and professionalism. We at CCU strive for the highest ethical standards in the performance of our duties.


success through collective performance, adaptability and mutual respect. We are striving to find the most effective and efficient way of educating new physicians through the pursuit and embrace of new ideas and creative solutions. We are proudly committed to achieving superior results and to exceeding the expectations of our American, European and international colleagues. Administration, faculty, staff and students are all committed to go willingly and enthusiastically beyond what is expected, in order both to follow bold leadership and give leadership to others in order to achieve superior results in medical education. We will put the welfare of colleagues, students and patients above our own interests, and will strive for altruism, accountability and respect for others.

We invite you to learn more about this exciting transnational and transcultural adventure in medical education .

We hope that this program will represent a new paradigm for the training of physicians of the future.

With Warmest Regards,

CCU Board of Trustees