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Malik Soudah M.D.


am thrilled to lead Columbus Central University —especially now, at a time of exciting growth and possibility.
The institution has evolved in response to contemporary challenges and opportunities, while advancing steadily in its mission to improve human health.Increasing numbers of patients are benefitting from the exceptional care provided by CCU physicians.
Global medicine has entered an era of boundless possibilities, and CCU is poised for even greater accomplishment. Today, we are a suburb medical school in a wholly integrated academic environment. By building on our strong foundations in biomedical research, education and clinical care, we will continue advancing our collective mission to transform the field of medicine and profoundly impact human health. CCU have other desirable traits, particularly the pursuit of academic excellence and intellectual diversity in an environment where scientists, clinicians, and translational faculty come together for interdisciplinary accomplishment around bright students, trainees, and dedicated staff. CCU enjoys the company of exceptional students and trainees working through an ever-evolving curriculum of new knowledge. Our mission going forward, quite simply, is to improve the health of people, and I invite you to join us in this important work.